17 June 2021

The new economy: an aeronautical company invests and hires in Charente

It is one of the very first companies in France to benefit from the 2020 economic recovery plan.

An aeronautical company from Fléac in the Charente, AEVA, will receive €1.4 million to help with research and development and job creation.

At Fléac, near Angoulême in Charente, AEVA manufactures ignition systems for helicopters and engines for military aircraft, such as the Rafale. Another production: emergency braking computers for Airbus. Or cockpit indicators for helicopters. With this state aid, AEVA will first of all move to a new location within a radius of 5 or 6 kilometres of Fléac.

Some of the products manufactured by AEVA for the aeronautical industry


AEVA is going to invest 6 million euros to reindustrialise its activities and relocate to France. 40% of the company’s workforce are supervisors or engineers. This means that the research and development of materials for tomorrow is at the heart of AEVA’s activity, which will continue to hire.

If AEVA is doing so well, despite the health crisis, while the aeronautical sector has suffered greatly over the past year, it is thanks to its rather exclusive activities in its field. The Charente-based company is the only one to manufacture certain systems for aircraft engines or helicopters.

Sources: France Bleu La Rochelle

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