Production and integration

The AECE GROUP accompanies you as an industrial partner, during all the phases of your project, from the design to the manufacturing and installation on your site.

We have production means (machines, workshops, control means) based in France, with 7700m² of industrial surface.

Overall solutions

We offer overall solutions for the most demanding sectors of activity such as aeronautics, defense, the naval sector or the process industries.
We have workshops for wire cabling, industrial cabling, electronic manufacturing service (EMS), harness manufacturing, machining and mechanical assembly and integration of large assemblies.

+ in detail

  • Electrical harnesses
  • Power and control cabinets
  • Process control
  • Control systems
  • Embedded systems: electronic boards and boxes
  • Tooling
  • Test racks and test benches
  • Special machines
  • Electronic boards and boxes
  • Wire bonding
  • Electrical harnesses
Production & Integration
  • Turbine ignition systems
  • Sensors
  • Cockpit indicators
  • Braking Control Units
Production & Integration
  • Automation / Industrial IT
  • Electrotechnics
  • Mechanics / Hydraulics
Production & Integration