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Chemical, petrochemical process industry

The chemical and petrochemical process industries are driven by increasingly strict environmental standards and growing production requirements. All these constraints force the players in these fields to optimize their production and modernize their facilities in order to ensure quality and safety.

At AECE, our technicians and engineers have high-level technical skills in industrial computing and automation, and we have the MASE certification required to work on chemical sites. This allows us to support manufacturers in these sectors in their most demanding projects. Thanks to our expertise and knowledge of industrial processes, our activity ranges from simple process modifications to the modification of a complete production unit.

We offer tailor-made services for the design, development, installation and commissioning of process control systems, taking into account the constraints, particularly in terms of safety. We also offer Industry 4.0 solution in order to help you optimize your process, increase product traceability and collect and access your production data (OEE, power consumption and other KPI).