WINCH OPERATOR CONSOLEBoîtier électronique embarqué (militaire)

The WOC enables the command and control of operations of a handling system for anti-submarine warfare sonar installed on a surface building.

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Functional overview

The WOC : • They are the command and control organs of the deployment and recovery of the launching system: TAHS and TBHS winches.     • normal mode: mode assisted by a PLC,     • maintenance mode: electrical emergency mode, movements are commanded and controlled without the intervention of a PLC.


• security function     • emergency stop (button),     • water detector, • selection of operating modes,     • normal mode or hardware safe software mode by the "Safety" sensors,     • maintenance mode or electrical backup (not processed by PLC) • fonction de contrôle des mouvements du treuil TAHS ou TBHS     • pump on/off,     • movement selection,     • combiner ... • visual inspection of conditions and defects     • visual control     • sound control


At AE, we provide production as well as maintenance and repair of electronic enclosures (WOC). We offer tailor-made solutions to specifications.


• Quality     • AQAP 2110 certification for the development, construction and manufacture of military systems • Control     • visual or dimensional inspection of the constituents,     • control of operational features,     • test of measurable functional features, • Protection and resistance     • IP X6 waterproofing level (sea water package),     • compliance with ElectroMagnetic Compatibility (EMC) requirements in military environments,     • resistance to temperature variations,     • resistance to altitude,     • operational shock protection,     • vibration protection • Reliability objectives     • MTBF of 25,000 hours



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